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by Infernäl Mäjesty

UnholierThanThou Music:Terror Lyrics:Terror Stand, stand before me, I am He Worship, worship me, my People's Temple Beg, beg for an ending, from this life Curse, curse the wicked, for your pain Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray to me Die, die, die, die As a freedom fighter Unholier than thou, as I speak Of the word, of the lord A man preaching God, to the throngs Of the people, fell below Take the lives of my follower's let them Know that their lives are in my hand Unholier than thou, thou shall drink Drink deep, of the cup Question, question my, sanity Condemn, condemn the actions, of my life Console, console the families, for their loss Escape, escape this world, and all it's pain Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray for Dad Die, die, die, die As a freedom fighter Unholier that thou as I play The role, that of God Follow me my people's temple Enjoying all I see, heaven's earth Watch me as I heal the sick Watch me as I take your life Unholier than thou, I am The answer to your prayers Feel, the presence of God Waiting for your first and final meeting Accept, your new and final fate Converge together on the other side Drink deep of the fatal potion Women and the young begin first Sorry, it's your only way out We've finally past the point of no return Watching you lie there, writhing in pain Confusion, it burns in your eyes You can't contemplate, the statement we've made Its impact will scar and defy These years in Guyana, will not be forgot The carnage will stick in their minds The world mesmerized, in shock they look on With horror they sift through the lies Place the gun to my head, find peace and solitude I'll take my own life, a cause, I thought to be true Nine hundred dead, the world must know why Such death and destruction, such a waste of human life White, Night, our infamous, mass suicide Years from now they still will wonder Why did it have to end this way
The Hunted 04:23
The Hunted Music:Hallman Lyrics:Terror They say, a mans future, is predetermined And he is powerless to intervene But does that explain, the missing bodies The tortured souls? Was it moral deviation from the Gods? That crippled his soul? Sowed the seeds, of festering anger, resentment And tortured him with rage Towards an unfeeling universe Driven, by a need to vent Hatred, hatred, hatred Driven, by a need to inflict Vengeance, vengeance, vengeance Is this simply, your lust for power Your sick perverted form of self-expression? Driving, your tendency to murder, the innocent For they are the victims And it's outcome incidental to sadistic purpose Pleading, you pray for your release Haunted, by your private evil demons Over, powered, again you loose the fight, killing Yet another helpless victim Always dreaming of your capture Driven, by a need to vent Hatred, hatred, hatred Driven, by a need to inflict Vengeance, vengeance, vengeance Now, I await your capture I can predict your punishment Bullets, tearing, apart your body Firing squad, will end your life Watching, your vile carcass, burning in the chair Lethal injection killing, rejoicing in your death Now, I await your capture Firing squad, will end your life Watching, your vile carcass Rejoicing, in your death! You are, the hunted I, will, hunt you down You are, the hunted I, will, hunt you down
Gone The Way of All Flesh Music:Terror Lyrics:Terror Revolution public unrest volatile Situation oppression persecution Subduing their opinions continual cruelty Or injustice uprising within the underground Aspiring anarchy resurrection of the new Nations colliding fall driven by greed a sickness Infection the likes of mankind lunacy of the enemy For all to see in agony infantry dying foolishly Hopelessly they find equality shrapnel surrounds Impales your chest the gift of death has just begun Painlessly your life recedes tranquility calming thee Unknowingly you proceed namelessly towards eternity Were you prepared to die? Show me what have you done with your life! Was this your time? One thing for sure death is forever! Over the wall my last command service To country has now been paid tragedy that I see will always be plaguing me Artillery destroying thee infernally Haunting me lifeless solders lie dead by my side Churchyard of tombstones our last memory Thanklessly we never see sympathy for our bravery Reluctantly driven free onwardly towards eternity Was I prepared to die? Show you what have you done with my life? Was this my time? One thing for sure death is forever! I have awaken to immortal life numbered With the dead men of distinguished valor Dead war heroes never to return Now that my is over now I can finally rest in peace No more fighting no more spying no more cheating No more lying no more weeping no more crying No more killing no more dying
Black Infernal World Music:Terror Lyrics:Terror From, the inception of time I've always been there And you, and you, and you have followed, or feared me You study my writings, interpret their meanings Continually drawing your own pathetic conclusions All, your great minds, with all, their brilliance You still have yet unearthed the secret of life, in the here after Veiled, it surrounds you Evoking, thy guidance, from, the darkness I will take control, of your faltering existence Resolving, all your inner unexposed, dark feelings Leading you, further from divine Am I Lord, of the Underworld? Caretaker of the souls, of the wicked dead? Tempting you with promises of wealth and power? Diabolic pact of which I own your soul? Master, of this wasteland I control, your fragile soul I am, the Adversary tempting you all through your life Ever more, I shall rein A bolt of light, I left the sky Bound in chains, a thousand years I am, the Adversary tempting you all through your life Free to roam, the earth at last Blood, blood red skies Black, Infernal world, part of thee Fuel, fuel the flames, with your souls I am the Adversary tempting you death
Roman Song 05:12
Roman Song Music:Steve Terror Lyrics:Steve Terror Formed, in ancient Rome, violent, age of steel Man's, brutality, found new depths of pleasure Slaves, captured in raging battles, forced, to fight, till the death Senseless, brutal show of strength, immoral side of man Fight, for your life, Fight, till the death! Vile, sadistic games, elate, heartless souls Roman, way of life, savour, a human sacrifice Prisoners, could die by the sword, or live their lives in shame Treacherous, murderous, thieves, helpless feast for the lions Fight, for your life, Fight, till the death! Refusal, to worship, the Gods, of the Roman State Civil, disobedience, quickly, ends your life Dying on display before thousands, their death will please tonight Latin, spectacle of violence, Rome's malevolent society They stand, alone, in the ring, with sword, in hand Preparing, to fight for their lives, to fight till the death, to die for Rome's pleasure With blood, on their hands, a friend, lies bleeding before God Impaled, sword plunged through their chest, hacked and mangled Dragged through the death gates to hell! Warriors on parade engaged in vicious Roman games Fascinate imperial sovereignty Entertainment for their sick and twisted vile pleasure Two hundred years before Christ had walked this earth Rome displaying it's violent nature Falling as a civilization Never to return again
Where Is Your God Music:Steve Terror Lyrics:Steve Terror Ancient, mysteries, withstanding endless emptiness of time Wise men, preserving genocide, incorporating gospel with their lies No proof, of the King of Kings, disguising Holiness preserved in shrines Wide spread, search for truth, excavate ancestral tombs for life Can the scriptures all be true? Carvings, chiseled on the walls Does this prove, without a doubt? The existence, of the Deity? WHERE IS YOUR GOD? Chaos, over heaven, Satan punished, banished from the skies Branded, fallen angel, evil master torturing mankind Wayward, adversary, manipulating the weakest of the mind Satan, they cry out, release me from this everlasting fire Can the scriptures all be true? Carvings, chiseled on the walls Does this prove, without a doubt? The existence, of the Wicked One? WHERE IS YOUR GOD? Holy wars, destroying man, gazing to the heavens for a sign Annihilate, mother earth, devastate, endangering all divine Cancer, spreading wide, searching for the cure is infantile Conflict, eternal struggle, Prince of Darkness striving to survive Good nonexistent, without evil (WHERE IS YOUR GOD?) Infamous demon, forcing God's hand (WHERE IS YOUR GOD?) Satan rejoicing, as God struggles (WHERE IS YOUR GOD?) More then, ever, we need, to know IS THERE A GOD?
Death Roll 04:38
Death Roll Lyrics:Christopher Bailey Music:Kenny Hallman Open your eyes to the under God Arouse, in flame, temper Seize this moment it's his appetite Not to be, undermined, insane rage>/P> Cyclones though, like a hurricane Your diminutive microcosm lies in your hands Pray to God by a dying sun The salvation of hungry Gods Try to control rabidity Gritting, in, red Try to control rabidity Gritting, in, red Reach out, reach out into the flames You lack the will to bend my friend Grimace, a ghastly green glow Always waiting for the weak Words of gospel, infected lies His diminutive microcosm lies your hands Try to control rabidity Gritting, in, red Try to control rabidity Gritting, in, red In my minds eye I can see your soul In my minds eye this is the death roll Not what you think, you can't feel Not what you think, you can't breathe In my minds eye I now own your soul (far away, far away, far away, far away) In my minds eye this is the death roll
The Art Of War Music:Steve Terror Lyrics:Steve Terror Silently they wait the stage has now been set Fostering the truth hiding in the shadows Of distant wars fought on these tortured foreign lands Time will stand still as the moment comes to rise Unleashing such a hell the scene defies description Assessment of the strength Of their wavering front line catastrophe Backlash deployment of the troops blitzkrieg victory Flanking from the left demobilize The main wave chaos now employed causing confusion Down through the ranks communication falling battle Wary solders delirium setting in reserves all destroyed Deliverance now at hand superiority the enemy quickly falls On their knees begging for mercy time now stands still Incursion assault under shadowy skies Irruption violently taking their lives Invasions encircle and take by surprise Intrusion watching them die Deception the Art of War constantly fucking With their minds pathetically soldiers give their lives Frantically you'll hear their battle cries aggression The art of war dismembered bodies woven through their minds Insanity overtaking me overwhelmed by systematic death Deception the art of war advancing armies Breaking through the lines killing fields Sown with crippled souls the art of war


Infernal Majesty - Unholier Than Thou

Released July 25th, 1998.

Christopher Bailey– vocals
Steve Terror– guitar
Kevin Harris – drums
Kenny Hallman– guitar
Chay McMullen – bass

Recorded At – Reaction Studios
Recorded At – Signal 2 Noise
Mixed At – Studio Victor
Edited At – Silverbirch Recordings
Mastered At – Future Disc
Pressed By – Cinram

Mastered By – Tom Baker (3)
Mixed By, Recorded By [Additional Recording] – Pierre Rémillard
Music By – Hallman* (tracks: 2, 3, 7), Terror* (tracks: 1, 3 to 6, 8)
Recorded By [Additional Recording] – Jon Drew
Recorded By [Guitar And Drums] – Scott Burns
Recorded By [Vocals And Bass] – Rob Sanzo

Guitar and Drum tracks recorded at Reaction Studios in Toronto.
Vocals and Bass tracks recorded at Signal to Noise Studios in Toronto.
Mixed at Studio Victor in Montreal.
Edited at Silverbirch in Toronto. Ontario, Canada.
Mastered at Future Disk in Los Angeles.


released November 7, 2018


all rights reserved



Infernäl Mäjesty Ontario

Infernal Majesty - "Thank you for your support" \m/ !!


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